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Good for Health
Made from Heart​

Looking for healthy foods that suit for you?
Our dietitians are ready to give you some advice.

A meal from Tonklar Fahcai is both delicious and healthy, focusing on essential nutrients rich in vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals that will help enhance your immune system, increase antioxidants, slow down aging, and minimize the risk of chronic illnesses in the future.

Based on medical practices and proper nutritions.

Creative menus carefully crafted by seasoned chefs. Nutrition in every recipe is calculated by professional dietitians to balance between nutritional values and savory experience-the best of both worlds.

Cooked for your specific needs.

Since nutritional needs vary according to personal conditions, we have a dietitians to recommend the most suitable menus for you to promote your health in the long run.

Support local farmers

Most of our ingredients are meticulously selected from organic agriculture in local communities. Apart from enjoying pesticide-free vegetables, you also play a part in helping local communities.

Select your favorite menus.

Our course menus

Weekly set menus include a variety of healthy recipes freshly delivered to your home. We focus on satisfying the need of those who seek a shortcut to improve the better health and those who are interested to try plant-based food which can be enjoyed daily.

À la carte menus

Every dish is unique. We provide a variety of taste for people from all ages. It is a super food cooked with highly nutritious Thai ingredients to create a heatlhy special dish specifically for you.

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“Tonklar Facai”
A healthy restaurant ran with the concept of “social enterprise” as some of our profits will be donated to Siriraj Foundation to develop applied Thai traditional medicine. “Tonklar Facai” cordially invites all of you to fall in love with heathy lifestyle, both in terms of physical and mental, by selecting plant-based diets. Let every recipe of “Tonklar Facai” respresent love and care both for you and your loved ones. Let us be an alternative for those who seek healthy lifestyle. Try our dishes that will allow you to feel ‘Delicious at Brain, Full at Heart, and Stay Away from Sickness.’