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About us

“Tonklar Facai” is a healthy restaurant ran with the concept of “social enterprise” as some of our profits will be donated to Siriraj Foundation to develop applied Thai traditional medicine.

“Tonklar Facai” cordially invites all of you to fall in love with heathy lifestyle, both in terms of physical and mental, by selecting plant-based diets. Let every recipe of “Tonklar Facai” respresent love and care both for you and your loved ones. Let us be an alternative for those who seek healthy lifestyle. Try our dishes that will allow you to feel ‘Delicious at Brain, Full at Heart, and Stay Away from Sickness.’

Become our family

To create healthy meals, every dish in “Tonklar Facai” is crafted by chefs and dietitians with innovation and cooking techniques such as an air-fryer, a vacuum sealer to keep our ingreidients fresh, cold-pressed technique, quality ingredients such as organic cooonut blossom sugar, tea seed oil, or other sugar alternatives.

From Farm to Fork

"From Farm to Fork"

We want every dish in our restaurant to benefit people in the entire cycle, from farmers to customers. With From Farm to Fork idea, we directly buy products from farmers. We use vegetables from a royal project. We buy organic and pesticide-free vegetables from Wang Nam khiao. We create a job opportunity for Toi, an ordinary farmer living in Samut Songkhram in cultivating seepweed leaves, so we can serve dishes cooked with seepweed leaves all year long. Next to our restaurant is a garden of herbs-some of which are planted by us. We find protein alternative such as tempeh to replace meat. Now, we produce tempeh on our own and sell it to our customers as a cooking ingredients

"Delicious at Brain, Full at Heart, Stay Away from Sickness"

Our service

Every menu in “Tonklar Facai” Restaurant is crafted by the crew of chefs and academics. Our applied Thai traditional medicine practitioners, dietitians, pharmacist, and food innovators apply cooking techniques and innovations to season healthy food, give you advice in using foods and herbs to relance your body, and educate you about nutrition and holistic approach to take care of your body.

Delivery Service

A healthy delicious dish is delivered at your door. Eating healthy is easy like never before.

Catering Service

We provide a catering service for every occasion, from a private party with your close friend to an office party or a seminar.

Tiffin Carrier for Monks

We provide a service to prepare you a healthy food to offer for a monk.

Snack Box

We provide a snack box for an event seminar or a meeting so that your participants can enjoy a delicious and healthy snacks.

Cooking class

We provide a variety of workshops to let you have fun choosing ingrediants and creating your own healthy recipe.

Special set menus

A weekly set menu provides you a various choices of healthy food delivered at your door.