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Our Meal Plans

We have designed meal plans facilitate your need. You can choose the plan that is suitable for you by considering the details of each plan or advice given by our dieticians.

Our Meal Plans

Slender Me

(Low calories – High fibers)

This course suits for those who want to restrict their daily calories, control their weight, or start eating a plant-based food.

Muscle Up

(high protein from plants)

This plan suits for those who want to build their muscles, work out regularly, and also for the elderly who need enough protein for muscles to prevent falling and injury. For those who are worried whether eating vegan will provide enough protein or not, this plan is for you.

Less Sweet Yet Delicious

(low sugar, less seasoning)

This plan suits for those who want to control sugar levels, have high blood sugar levels, or those who want to control thier weight and get rid of their love handles.

Happy Digestion

(High Fiber and Probiotics)

This plan suits for those who have digestive problems, such as constipation and flatulence.

Let Your Skin Shine Bright

(High in antioxidants with 5 colors of fruits and vegetables)

This meal plan suits for those who want to nurture their skin from within.

Sleep Tight Ligh Gut

(Rich in phytochemicals from natural foods)

This plan suits for those who have sleeping problems, such as sleeping difficulties and insomnia, or those who have stress-induced insomnia.

Immune Boost Up

This plan suits for everyone who needs to nourish and take a good care of their health by enhancing immune system from within to fight an uncontrollable external environment. It is for those who want to strengthen their immunity, focusing on preventing inflammation, and those who are already healthy.


1. You should expect that you will be exploring the world of plant-based diets and realize that it is easy to eat and delicious (those who like spicy food will be happy), and you will be impressed by how you feel lighter on your feet.

2. You should expect to have a better digestive system since our food is full of good fibers and probiotics which are good microorganisms that help excretory and digestive system.

3. You will little by little change your behavior in a better way. For example, our Less Sweet Yet Delicious Meal Plan helps you relieve your sugar addiction. Our Muscle Up Meal Plan will train you to select the various sources of plant protein. Our Happy Digestion Meal Plan will help you realize that your gut is the second brain and good excretory and digestive system can make the difference for your health. Our Slender Me Meal Plan can teach you to eat with proper amount of food while getting sufficient nutrition. Our Sleep Tight Meal Plan can train you how to select balanced diets from ingredients that help you feel relaxed and pay attention to sleeping as well as being active. And our Immune Boost Up Meal Plan will help you realize that though you may seem healthy, there are other external factors beyond your control, so you need to take a good care of your immune system, the first protection to make yourself healthy every day.

4. You will get some personalized advice from our dieticians.

5. You should expect that you will be happier, love, and take care of yourself even more.

Drink a lot of water and you can add 1 or 2 small meals with some low-sugar fruits such as an apple, a guava, a rose apple, a handful of hard-shell nuts, oatmeal with low-sugar soybean yoghurt, half of medium-sized sweet potato (choose a not-sweet, not oily, and not salty option).

1. Try to eat a plant-based diet at least 1 day a week.
2. Reduce the amount of sugar you consume in foods, drinks, and snacks as much as you can.
3. Eat more fruits, vegetables, and grain every day.
4. Come back for advice from a dietician for a long-term result.

If you have any questions,
just feel free to ask our dietician.